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Welcome to Southwest Christian School

Southwest Christian School enjoys a long history of families coming together with the common purpose of supporting a Christ-centered college preparatory education for their children. Our parent community looks to us for an educational experience that will be Christ-centered, college preparatory and family oriented. SCS is well known for our family culture and the many ways families are encouraged to get involved in the experiences of their children. 

We are an interdenominational Christian school. Our student body represents over 100 churches in our community. Daily life for all ages includes Bible studies that are part of our curriculum. Biblical principles are integrated into all content areas and full school chapels are held on a weekly basis covering topics that are relevant and applicable in students' lives.

Southwest Christian School is a college preparatory school. We are committed to providing rigorous, research-based core curriculum coupled with co-curricular opportunities to prepare our students for successful college careers. We are very proud of our students’ academics successes and acceptances to competitive colleges and universities each year. We celebrate our athletic championships, and we are honored by our recognition and awards in the arts.

In all of these achievements, however, we remain focused on our Christ-centeredness. Through this lens, we consider the kind of individuals we are trying to nurture, the kind of society we want to create and the kind of world understandings we want to build.