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General Endowment Fund

The Southwest Christian School General Endowment enhances the student experience by providing funding to improve facilities, technology, and faculty professional development, among other areas. Your gift to the SCS General Endowment has a lasting impact, providing perpetual support to equip students to serve as Christian leaders in the world.

The 43 Foundation

The 43 Foundation was established in 2002 in memory of PAUL MILLER, number 43 on the SCS football team and a member of the 1999 graduating class of Southwest Christian School. The annually awarded scholarship is designed to recognize two students from the junior class whose participation in athletics exemplifies Paul’s exuberant character, determination, and competitive spirit.The recipient of this scholarship should maximize his or her God-given ability in order to make the highest possible contribution to the team.This individual should be prepared, energetic, and work diligently to achieve their utmost athletic potential while always putting the team ahead of individual goals.This is not an award for the most outstanding athlete; but recognizes superior spirit.

The Sharron Drury Endowment Fund

The Sharron Drury Endowment Fund was established in 1998 in honor of past SCS President, Sharron Drury. The endowment is dedicated to supplementing teachers’ base salaries and continuing education opportunities.

The Mozelle and Wayne Tidwell Endowment Fund

The Mozelle and Wayne Tidwell Scholarship Endowment Fund was established to fund one tuition scholarship per year for a worthy Southwest Christian School student who might otherwise not receive a Christian education.

The Ryan Rambo Foundation

The Ryan Rambo Foundation was established in 2006 in memory of the life of RYAN RAMBO. It honors the way Ryan lived and the way he touched others while at SCS.The fund is designed to award an annual scholarship to an SCS male student during his junior year to be used toward tuition for his senior year at Southwest Christian School.The recipient must have attended SCS their entire sophomore and junior years.The recipient should possess similar character traits as Ryan, such as being Christ-focused, integrity, good-hearted, compassionate, a leader as well as a conscientious student. The recipient should be a well-rounded student actively involved in school activities, and possess a positive, humble attitude and a great sense of humor.

The Willson Rall Endowment

The Willson Rall Endowment Fund was established to provide additional tuition support for SCS families who require financial assistance to be able to have their student, or students, enrolled at Southwest Christian School after suffering the loss of a parent, guardian or sibling.