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International Programs

SCS has a flourishing International Program through which we seek to broaden the scope of our students' experiences by exposing them to people and events outside of their own culture. Components of our International Program include:

International Students

The Lakeside Campus has been blessed by a number of International students over the years. These students are strong academically and wish to pursue their education in a Christian school in the United States. Being proficient in English, they are competitive in the classroom. International students bring a unique perspective to the campus which allows all SCS students to forge friendships that can last a lifetime and develop an appreciation for God’s perfect design for mankind.

Junior World Affairs Council

The purpose of Junior World Affairs Council organization is to assist students in gaining insight, understanding and information to keep abreast of international affairs. This organization is linked to the International Education Initiative of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth.
The SCS Junior World Affairs Council has developed a four-pronged program of activities: Service, Speakers, Social and Scholastic.

  • Service - JWAC maintains ongoing loans to entrepreneurs in many developing nations through its original investment of $2,000 in the microfinance initiative, At monthly meetings, the membership of around 60 students views and hears profiles of applicants for loans and chooses new loan recipients.
  • Speakers – Several times a year, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth provides “free spots” for students at distinguished speaker events. Speakers have included ambassadors, journalists, and authors on international topics.In addition to off-campus speaker opportunities, SCS JWAC frequently features “home grown” speakers at its monthly meetings. Past speakers have included reports from faculty, telling of their travels or former homes.
  • Social – Monthly ethnic restaurant meetings typically draw 20 to 30 students, with favorite locales being Maharaja Indian restaurant and the annual end-of-year tradition, Byblos Lebanese restaurant, which features great food and fun, as well as a chance to participate in regional dance.
  • Scholastic – Three teams of students enjoy the challenge of exploring World Quest topics and being encouraged to keep up with global news.

Minimester Abroad

Minimester Abroad offers travel for cultural enrichment and service opportunities for our students. Trips generally occur during Minimester week, which is the week prior to spring break. This program and these unique experiences are unlike any other school-based travel opportunities throughout the metroplex. The Minimester Abroad program has sent participants to over twenty countries on six continents. These offerings support the educational and ministerial mission of Southwest Christian School. For more information click here.