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Strategic Plan

The Mission

The mission of Southwest Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education that graduates young adults equipped as Christian leaders in the world.

The Vision

SCS will impact the world with the love of Christ through our students, graduates, and families by becoming an enduring ministry of uncompromising biblical education, dynamic and effective teaching, exceptional facilities, and careful stewardship of the resources with which the Lord has blessed this school.

Our Pillars

  • Academically Excellent
  • Globally Minded
  • Distinctively Christian
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A letter from the Board of Trustees Chairman

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Spiritual Life

Goal: Engage students and families in a spiritual formation program that fosters courageous Christian leadership and equips them with biblical truth, rooted in compassion, to love God and people.


  1. Ensure faculty and staff employ biblical principles consistent with our missional educational environment and “We Believe” statements.

  2. Mentor students so they develop servant leadership skills rooted in Christian values.

  3. Create opportunities for students to demonstrate an understanding of essential biblical teachings, disciplines, and principles.

  4. Equip and encourage students to share the gospel.

  5. Engage families to support our students’ spiritual growth and biblical foundation.

Educational Program

Goal: Blend biblical instruction, real-world experience, and meaningful challenge to nurture students’ spiritual, intellectual, interpersonal, physical, and creative gifts.


  1. Hire and retain excellent, engaging, and innovative teachers actively pursuing and modeling a relationship with Christ.

  2. Teach a biblically aligned curriculum within an academically excellent program.

  3. Prepare students with the necessary skills and character traits to make a positive impact in the world.

  4. Inspire students to pursue excellence in athletics, physical education, and artistic endeavors, fostering positive habits, skills, and character development.


Goal: Develop campuses to support the Mission of SCS.


  1. Promote the longevity and supportability of campus facilities through prudent management and planning.

  2. Inspire students to grow in faith and knowledge by leveraging the uniqueness of each campus to enhance the academic and cocurricular experience of the students.

  3. Maintain and enhance an environment where students are safe on the school campus.

  4. Utilize the school’s facilities for kingdom work and broader community impact.


Goal: Promote financial sustainability through sound financial planning, robust endowment growth, and healthy reserve funds to support a flourishing Christian school.


  1. Develop a strategic financial model that anticipates the future needs of our school and sources of income.

  2. Expand the endowment through investment and spending policies, careful budgeting, and planned/directed giving to support long-term financial growth.

  3. Steward revenue and expenses to maximize the impact of donations to improve our programs, facilities, and endowment.

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Core Values

Our core values are built on the framework of three pillars which guides our mission. These three pillars support the values and principles which form the very heart of who we are and what we do.

Distinctively Christian

Dedication to being known as those who know, love and follow Jesus Christ.

  • Encouraging a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ
  • Promoting and modeling habits for spiritual growth
  • Emphasizing the importance of prayer
  • Integrating Biblical truth and wisdom throughout all our programs

Academically Excellent

Desire for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge as the basis for wisdom, derived from objective truth that is taught from a Biblical worldview.

  • Providing the tools for successfully pursuing a lifetime of learning
  • Inspiring intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creative passion
  • Cultivating a lifestyle of integrity, honesty, and reliability
  • Developing servant-leadership skills and personal habits of self-discipline

Globally Minded

Commitment to honor and respect others, evidenced by humility to serve others in local, national and global communities.

  • Valuing all humanity as being created in the image of God
  • Encouraging community service and a missions mindset
  • Engaging cultural diversity with respect and understanding
  • Finding unity among denominational differences