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Spiritual Curriculum

Elementary – Students receive Bible instruction as a part of the daily curriculum in the classrooms. Each grade is engaged through Building on the Rock curriculum which focuses on students developing a biblical worldview. The students learn life lessons from the teachings of Scripture and apply the truths to everyday living. Servant leadership is one of the primary focuses of our curriculum with various opportunities of service in Chapel and service projects throughout the year. Students also receive regular character formation lessons from the guidance program that corresponds with their Bible curriculum.

Middle School – At SCS, we recognize the amount of transition and development that takes place during the middle school years. This is also a significant time in faith development. Thus, Bible is a core course required of each student. It is important for the students to gain an overview of both Old and New Testaments. Students explore God's word through the arts in the Biblio-Studio. It is just as important for them to learn to apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Our students utilize Lightbearer’s curriculum, allowing them to develop answers to tough questions relating to God, Jesus, friendship, relationships, media, and other issues relevant in everyday life. 

High School – The high school curriculum recognizes the needs of teens. Consideration of their moral and cognitive development is carefully integrated throughout their biblical courses. The curriculum is designed to teach students to think from a biblical worldview. Students examine how the Bible is relevant in today’s culture and how it specifically relates to life situations. Each student is required to complete a Bible class as a core subject each year. In addition to the Bible courses, servant leadership is infused throughout the curriculum with each student being required to complete a minimum number of Christian Service Hours each year. The curriculum program includes:

  • Grade 9 – Relationships and Christian Ethics
  • Grade 10 – Spiritual Formations and Leadership
  • Grade 11 – Life Calling and Biblical Worldview
  • Grade 12 – Apologetics and World Religions
    • We also offer a Dual Credit program for grades 11 and 12.