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Growth Events

Special Events: The Bible Department provides a variety of events throughout the year that focus on the spiritual formation of students. They are challenged to participate in corporate prayer, including See You at the Pole and the National Day of Prayer. The Junior and Senior classes have a special chapel service dedicated to supporting the leadership development of students. In addition to each of the worship services, each grade has a special day of service throughout the community.

Fish Camp: Freshman Orientation is a one-day event for all freshmen during the first week of school. It provides opportunities in team building, friendship development, leadership challenges, and understanding the climate and expectations of High School as they begin their high school career.

Middle School Retreat: The Middle School Kick-Off Bash is an annual event that celebrates the start of a new school year. This is a one-day, off-campus event that sets the spiritual life theme for the year. It takes place the first week of school and includes Bible study, team building activities, games, worship, and lots of fun with friends.

High School Retreat: The annual High School Retreat is a time of focused spiritual development for the entire high school student body and faculty. The High School travels offsite to create an environment where students can engage in life-changing friendships centered on the gospel. A national youth speaker and Christian band lead this opportunity of growth. Large group Bible Study, small group discussions, team building activities, worship, and lots of fun with friends are all a part of this event.