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Christian Private School in Benbrook, TX

Founded in 1969, Southwest Christian School has served Benbrook, TX students with a private education for more than half a century. Classes are available for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. SCS’s mission as a Christian private school is to equip students academically and spiritually to be leaders in the world.

Academically Excellent

An atmosphere of scholarship in private education starts at the top. That’s why more than 75 percent of our faculty and staff either hold or pursue advanced degrees in their content area. The academic opportunities in Christian private schooling for our students include honors, Dual Credit, and AP courses, all taught in small classroom settings that encourage discussion and one-on-one instruction.

Globally Minded

An important part of learning to be globally minded is looking beyond what is familiar and comfortable. Private school students at SCS develop a global perspective through exposure to world cultures, foreign languages, and when possible, travel experiences.

Distinctively Christian

As an interdenominational Christian private school, our biblically integrated curriculum is taught by teachers who daily model faith and reinforce the values of home and church. By using a biblical worldview to form foundational understandings of responsible, proactive citizenship, we are preparing our students to be leaders in the world.

Schedule a tour to learn more about SCS, Christian private schooling, and the new Clay Center for Christian Leadership at our Lakeside Campus. Located in Benbrook, TX, discover if Southwest Christian School is right for you. Contact us at or call (817) 632-1652.