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Technology Conference for Faculty and Staff

Category: Master Calendar

Date: October 11, 2022

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Southwest Christian School-Lakeside Campus (7-12), 6901 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76123, USA, (Web Calendar)-Z_Events, (Course Planner)-Course Planner, LSC-1-Commons (400), LSC-1-LSC Gym (500), LSC-1-Forum B (40), LSC-1-Forum A (40)

October 11 Staff Development Agenda

8:00-8:15    Breakfast & Devo- Commons

8:15-9:30    Session I- all faculty and staff

9:30-10:30    Session II- Lakeside Learning reflection sessions- all faculty

  • Group 1- Commons (Yocom, Akin, Carroll, Dimsdale, DiStacio, Durnil, Engstrom, Harrison, Heffner, Higgins, Moore, Stayments, Wardlaw, Woodward)

  • Group 2- Forums (Bird, Brittain, Carr, Gear, L. Heffner, Marks, Robinson, Rodgers, Ste. Marie, Stumbo, Veenstra, Winn)

  • Group 3- Fincher West (Massey, Bocks, Bristow, Ethridge, Hermans, Jones, Landrum, Powell, E. Roberts, Williams, Wooten, Wylie)

  • E-glass- esports room- Science and Math departments

10:45-11:30    Session III- faculty only- Commons

11:30-1:00    Lunch with friends OR working lunch for English, Bible, LLab/Compass to work with Lori on dept audit- Forums

1:00-1:45    Session III- all PSAT and SAT proctors- Commons

1:45-2:30    Optional department time or work in classroom

2:30-4:00    Work in classroom or driving lessons for buses