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Alumni Council

Always an Eagle

Southwest Christian School's Alumni Council is a group of alumni from a variety of class years across our school history.  The goal of the council is to encourage Alumni interaction within graduating classes, as well as with our current students.  

SCS believes fostering a sense of community continues even after our Eagles have flown the nest.  The Council fosters this community by partnering with the school in Alumni Scholarships and with honoring our Alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Award during our annual Spring Auction.

2022-2023 Alumni Council

Reif Chron - 1982-1993
Ashley Cate Greig - Class of 2017
Alumni Council Chair Dr. Carl McAfee - Class of 2004
Kathleen McElvain - Class of 2004


Travis Rall - Class of 1997
Jenny Robertson - Class of 2001
Summer Strickland - Class of 2018
John Paul Watson - Class of 2013