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Middle School

Do you remember your middle school experience? You might recall it as a time of transition, underscored by significant physiological changes and social interactions. At Southwest Christian School, we are intentional about offsetting some of these drastic changes and transitions in forward-thinking ways.

We begin by surrounding your student with a Godly faculty, focused on building appropriate relationships with your individual child. Research shows parental involvement wanes in the middle school years due to the natural socialization and shift in interests that your child experiences. It’s not that you are pulling away from your child, but busy schedules and changes in who your child wants to spend their time with determine why this shift takes place. Ultimately, the middle school you partner with becomes important during this time. A family needs Godly adults to “stand in the gap”, supporting the advice and principles you would share with your child.

We plan curriculum that supports their continued growth academically, socially, and, most of all, spiritually. Jesus Christ remains at the center of all that we do. Departments focus on the integration of God’s word in each academic course and co-curricular activity. We treat each student as if this year is the one year that we have them; therefore, we attempt to make a significant impact on your child for the time that God has allowed us.

As a middle school family, we are committed to serving the individual needs of your student. We see your student as a unique creation, and we work diligently to prioritize relationships, socialization, academic preparation, and, above all else, who they are in Christ. Parents need a capable partner as their student begins to transition – we are honored to be that partner for you and your family.

Coby Bird
Middle School Principal