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High School

Southwest Christian School's High School experience allows for a unique opportunity to achieve the school’s mission of providing a Christ-centered, college preparatory education that equips young adults to be Christian leaders in the world. Students have officially begun building an academic transcript critical to their college plans, while remaining committed to exploring their personal interests through athletics, fine arts and a host of academic and service organizations. In response to this exciting stage, SCS has strategic programming in place allowing students to utilize technology, exercise critical thinking skills, and develop a love for lifelong learning. 

We understand the vital role staff plays in accomplishing this mission, which is why the majority of our instructional staff hold or are pursuing advanced degrees. These credentials contribute to ensuring that our students’ classroom experiences are conducted by content specialists and include pedagogical techniques consistent with the latest research and best practices. Integrating this instruction with a global perspective along with international travel opportunities offers our students the chance to consider their roles as global leaders.

Most importantly, Jesus Christ remains at the center of all that we do. Departments focus on the integration of God’s word in each academic course and co-curricular activity. The overarching educational goal is to develop a Christian worldview for our students as they prepare for their college experiences. 

As we continue to evaluate and strengthen programming, we give thanks to our God for His continued provisions at Southwest Christian School. 

Somer Yocom, Ed.D.
High School Principal