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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Below is the list of academic requirements followed by the Christian Service Requirements.
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Required Credits

Additional Information

Bible 4
Bible I, II, III, IV (or equivalent)
English 4
English I, II, III, IV (or equivalent). English must be taken all four years of high school.
Mathematics 4
Algebra I, II, Geometry, plus one additional. Math must be taken all four years of high school.
Science 4
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, plus one additional
Social Studies 4
World Geography, World History, US History, Economics*, Government* (*- one semester)
Students who enter high school without having taken World Geography will take Advanced World Cultures during their senior year.
World Language 3
At least two in the same language
Physical Education 1
Athletics, Cheer, Dance, or Athletics Alternative
Fine Arts 1
One of the following: Theatre, Theatre Production, Art, Choir, Band, Yearbook
Elective Courses 2
Praise Band, Newspaper, Web Design, Video Production, Multimedia Design, Robotics, Learning Lab, or another subject area class listed above that exceeds the required number of credits


Christian Service Requirements

The Christian Service graduation requirement recognizes the efforts of our students and meets the standards set to support Christian leadership and service in our youth. Students must earn a minimum requirement of ten (10) hours of service each year in grades 9-12. Service hours can be earned for each academic school year between June 1 and April 30. Hours earned after April 30 will apply to the next academic year. 

A benefit of this community involvement is the accumulation of volunteer hours that are important on college and scholarship applications. Activities for which a student will not receive approval include, but are not limited to: 

  • Services performed for monetary reward 
  • Services performed for a family member 
  • Court or school appointed service hours 
  • Political campaigning 
  • Activities that are primarily social rather than service-oriented