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Enrichment Subject

Elementary Enrichment Subjects



The art program at the elementary level K-grade 6 encourages and develops artistic expression during visits to a fully equipped Art Studio. The goal of the program is to help students gain an understanding of how media, technique and processes are used to create works of art. Technology is woven into the program through on-line resources; virtual museum access and art history integration. The Art Studio is equipped with a SMART board and Elmo document camera along with a pottery wheel and kiln and a full area of materials in which to create, explore and discover the world of art.



The spacious elementary library is the hub of activity, fully stocked with over 20,000 volumes and a circulation of more than 2,500 volumes per month. Students have access to accelerated reader on a bank of available computers. Students attend regularly scheduled library each week and teachers communicate current needs to the librarian to support students’ efforts in regards to research, book selection and encouraging the exploration of various genre. The Librarian serves to motivate and inspire readers with current exposure to new characters, authors and offerings available. The library plays host to several Scholastic Book fairs through out the year. Students and families have full use of the library and check out system. The SCS library even offers summer hours to accommodate young readers’ hunger for good books.


The music program at the Chisholm Trail Campus Pre-K - Grade 6 is designed to foster and encourage musical literacy, musicianship and nurture a students love for music. Opportunities abound in this fine arts class to inspire God's given musical talent. The Music Studio is equipped with a full array of resources to support music learning from an exquisite grand piano to a complete selection of Orff Instruments. SMART technology is used as well to connect the students to the outside world of music available on-line. Additionally, 5th and 6th grade students have a choice of Band or Choir during the regular school day. Music competitions, performances and community outreach make the SCS Music program a success.  

Physical Education

The elementary PE program, K-grade 6 encourages the health and well being of the whole child. Fundamental movement skills are taught in a variety of age-appropriate activities to increase enjoyment and establish life- long desire to remain active. Health and personal fitness practices are incorporated to help establish long-term habits. Good Sportsmanship and Christian conduct is foundational and encouraged daily. Additional opportunities that support the elementary P.E. program include: mileage club, after school sports (volleyball, football, basketball, soccer and gymnastics) and Junior Eagle Cheer.

World Language 

Conversational Spanish and Chinese are taught at the elementary level and the world language program is designed to develop basic familiarity with practical language and an appreciation for respective cultures. Spanish is taught EC-grade 6 and Chinese is added beginning in Grade 2. An audio-lingual approach (hearing and speaking) is used within a friendly and informal atmosphere. Active participation is the key ingredient and a wide variety of activities provide opportunities to practice. Whether learning about how families in Mexico celebrate particular holidays or sampling different foods from China, students receive a better understanding and appreciation for other cultures and people in our world. SCS begins making the connections to God’s “World" with the youngest learners and continues to build on those global perspectives.


The goal of the elementary technology program is to develop students’ technology skills while at the same time integrating iPads, Chromebooks and computers into the Pre-K - grade 6 classroom curriculum. Technology is viewed as an educational tool to be used both creatively and responsibly for teaching and for learning. Chisholm Trail Campus is blessed with a fully equipped computer lab, and K-6th students participate weekly in technology education with an instructor. Classrooms are equipped with SMART boards, additional classroom computers and ELMO document cameras. Classroom teachers use iPads and Chromebooks to support learning, and an additional lab is available for teachers to use for special assignments. The faculty is continuously improving technology usage and instruction and encourages innovation in the classroom.

Science Lab 

The Chisholm Trail Campus science lab serves to support the elementary science curriculum. The science lab is equipped with SMART Technology, ELMO document camera, Mac book Pro laptops, Science Probes with software and USB Microscopes to support learning. Students have access to a large variety of materials and resources and a Science Lab Instructor to facilitate and coordinate experiences to support the grade level teachers. Students discover God’s creation through exploring the smallest parts of an atom to the largest part of the universe.