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Elementary School

The SCS elementary experience is available for students in Pre-K through 6th grade, and is uniquely tailored and aligned to ensure student success at each level. Students experience the college-preparatory program beginning with our youngest learners and in time demonstrate above grade level knowledge and skills beyond that of students not enrolled in private school education. Enrichment opportunities such as physical education, music, Spanish, Chinese, art, in-classroom guidance, library, after-school sports, various clubs and technology education classes help to develop the whole student who is well-rounded, confident, and driven to be involved and achieve at the highest level. 

Our teachers, many with master’s degrees, are all licensed through the Texas Education Agency. In fact, all of our elementary school classroom teachers hold a bachelor’s degree at a minimum; this is a priority to us. There are content specialists in each grade level who have been strategically selected to work together as a team, a professional learning community, that works collaboratively to support each other and all the students in every grade level.   

In a recent re-accreditation visit, SCS received a commendation for outstanding professional development for staff Pre-K - Grade 12. There is a spirit of appreciation for and commitment to continuously improve, stay current and set “SMART” goals for the individual teacher, team, campus and school as a whole. As a result, all staff has been trained in Discipline with Love and Logic; School’s Attuned; Study Skills; Differentiation; Brain-based Learning; Multiple Intelligences; Cooperative Learning; and integrating classroom computers, teacher iPads, SMART interactive whiteboards, and databases throughout the curriculum. 

Lastly, but most important, the staff are all Christians who have an overwhelming desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by educating His little children. A Bible curriculum is taught and integrated throughout all subjects, while addressing the Biblical worldview, in a non-denominational manner.  We respect our families and their Christian faith and church doctrine and celebrate all students who have come to know the Lord.

In Him,   
Justin Kirk, M.Ed.
Chisholm Trail Campus Principal