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Competitive sports have assumed a place of prominence in our culture today and they challenge those involved in Christian education to know and understand their redemptive value. To compete means, “to strive in opposition.” By definition, it requires a desire and an effort to win, without which there would no competition. Therefore, the Southwest Christian School athlete intends to win and makes no apology for this intention. While this must be the competitor’s intent, the Christian athlete must have a higher purpose in competing: the glory of God. God is most glorified through athletics when each athlete, and the team as a whole, are striving for excellence physically and mentally and with godly character.Our athletic objectives are as follows:

1. To always put Christ first in all athletic endeavors and whatever we do, "Do all to the Glory of God".
2. To empower Spirit filled coaches that lead our programs in a Christ pleasing manner developing a positive attitude of continual growth in strong Christian values.
3. To encourage and develop in each athlete sell-control, self-confidence, loyalty, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, work ethic, mental toughness, initiative, and friendship.
4. To develop within each athlete the individual and team skills necessary to compete successfully and to encourage each athlete to reach that individual's God-given potential.
5. To emphasize the importance of success (winning) while developing young Christian Citizens to play and practice at a maximum ability level with maximum effort. We honorably strive for the district and state championships.
6. To have our best athletes competing in multiple sports. We want to encourage our athletes to be multiple sport athletes so they can reach their potential as athletes. We believe in the value of cross training, competition, and developing the athlete to his or her highest potential.
7. To serve the community by providing entertainment and establishing a common ground of interest which will draw citizens together in support of the school.



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