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Lakeside Campus Fine Arts (7-12)

Fine Arts Department Statement of Purpose
The Southwest Christian School Fine Arts Department develops an appreciation of the arts from process to product.  We seek to awaken students to the God-given talents in them, educate them in the disciplines of the arts, and build on our legacy of excellence with Christ at our center.


  • Exposed to all three areas (visual, musical, and theatric) of a Fine Arts program regardless of personal preference or skill.  Each student is taught an overall appreciation for each distinctive area of the arts.
  • Given the opportunity to choose the specific area of Fine Arts they wish to pursue.
  • Moves into the world with an understanding that knowledge and developed skill in the arts will not only enhance their lives, but make the world a more refined, stimulating place to be.  
  • Understands and practices the philosophy that one's ability to create is not only the highest level of thinking, but a gift from God to share.