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Visual Arts

SCS Visual Arts Educational Profile...

SCS Visual Arts students experience professional direction and encouragement to enhance their abilities and are equipped to use this direction to aid in continued education or production of art work. All SCS Visual Arts students have opportunities to showcase exceptional work in a formal gallery exhibit.  SCS Visual Arts graduates produce and critique art based on the “critical method” standards and draw from Art history in their perception of their work and the world around them. SCS Visual Arts graduates produce art with an understanding of the ‘Elements of Art’ and ‘Principles of Design’. A differentiated portfolio of work is created by all SCS Visual Arts students. Recognition of beauty in the world based on God’s example of art in nature and personal abilities given by God are expectations of all SCS Visual Art graduates.

The SCS Art Event was a hit!  Student works from this event are on display around the SCS Lakeside Campus for all to enjoy!