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At SCS we have been steadily moving forward with the implementation our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative over the last five years. Three years ago, we set forth to establish a plan to make BYOD a requirement for all High School students by the 2016/2017 school year. As a reminder, BYOD will be a requirement for all High School students at SCS beginning next year.

There are several reasons that SCS has been systematically moving towards a full implementation. As a college preparatory school, we want to give our students the opportunity to learn with the use of a device, much in the same way as they will in college. Many students move on to college, and are faced with learning with a device in the classroom for the first time. We desire that our students enter college comfortable with navigating this opportunity in an efficient and appropriate manner.

Furthermore, we also have seen that technology provides a significant opportunity for both teachers and students in providing the most robust, current and 21st century learning possible. While our teachers have been learning to make use of the devices in the classroom to further learning over the last five years, ongoing professional development for our faculty will continue to be a focus so that we can be confident that we are making good use of the BYOD initiative at various levels of integration.

Many of you have already committed to participate in BYOD by sending your student to school with a device, and we recognize that there is still a small population that is waiting until next school year. While we have been communicating our intentions and timeline for the last three years, we want to reiterate this information so that you can make plans for your child to meet these requirements beginning next year. There are two major considerations when choosing your device: WiFi readiness with an internet browser, and battery life. While nearly every device will be WiFi ready with an internet browser, we strongly recommend considering a long battery life when comparing models.  Google Chromebooks are an excellent choice as they have great battery life, are fully compatible with our Google Apps Suite, and are quite affordable. We do not require the purchase of any additional software.