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2020-2021 Tuition Rates


Pre-K | Chisholm Trail Campus

Two-Day Program (T/Th): $4,550
Three-Day Program (M/W/F): $6,350
Five-Day Program (M-F): $9,650

Grades K-6 | Chisholm Trail Campus

Kindergarten: $13,650
Grades 1-4: $15,950
Grades 5-6: $16,950

Grades 7-12 | Lakeside Campus

Grades 7-8: $18,550
Grades 9-10: $19,750
Grades 11-12: $19,950

Tuition Payment Options

  • Paid in full by June 1, or upon enrollment if after June 1
  • Semi-annual payments in June and December, subject to a 6% finance charge on the second installment.  Payments are processed by automatic draft through FACTS. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is required.
  • Monthly payments with payment completion by the end of school in May, subject to a 6% finance charge on the amount financed. Payments are processed by automatic draft through FACTS. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is required.

A 10% deposit is required at contract signing regardless of payment plan chosen. Tuition does not include all costs that may be incurred by the family. All students will purchase some textbooks and consumables. Other additional costs may include uniforms, supplemental supplies, various activities and trips, pictures, sports and fine arts involvement.

Tuition Refund Plan

Southwest Christian School is pleased to offer a Tuition Refund Plan in partnership with Dewar. Under this plan, you may gain peace of mind by guarding the bulk of your tuition investment against unforeseen circumstances that could require you to leave the School. The fee to participate in the Plan is 2.25% of net tuition after financial aid. The School will collect the fee with your first tuition payment and remit the fee to Dewar on your behalf. Families utilizing the monthly or semi-annual installment plans are required to participate. Participation is optional for families paying in full by June 1, but is encouraged in order to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Important terms and conditions of the Tuition Refund Plan are included in the enrollment contract and are available HERE.


Application fee: $150 (includes testing)


Optional Expenses*

Class trips/High School Minimester program: varies depending on the trip or class

Elementary Learning Lab:  Click Here for More info.

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program provides a safe, nurturing environment for students age three through Grade 6. 
Activities include a time to complete homework, indoor and outdoor play, crafts, weekly cooking, interactive
games, and a well-balanced breakfast or snack.

Drop-ins will be billed $10.60 per hour. Late pick-ups will be assessed a $10 fee for the first 5 minutes and
$1 per minute thereafter.

  • Before Care ONLY (7:00¬8:00 a.m.)
    • 5 days per week—$1,320 per year
    • 3 days (Pre-K only)—$830 per year
  • Early After Care ONLY (2:45¬3:45 p.m.)
    • 5 day Pre-K—$575 per year
    • 3 day Pre-K—$360 per year
    • 2 day Pre-K—$250 per year
  • After Care ONLY (2:45¬6:00 p.m.)
    • 5 days per week—$1,995 per year
    • 3 days (Pre-K only)—$1,235 per year
    • 2 days (Pre-K only)—$860 per year
  • Combo Package (includes Before and After Care)
    • 5 days per week—$3,260 per year
    • 3 days (Pre-K only)—$2,030 per year

High School Dual Credit classes: Fees range from $200 to $460 per semester credit.  Laptop is required.

High School and Middle School Learning Lab (for diagnosed learning differences): Click Here for More info.

*Additional expenses include some textbooks and consumables that are purchased by high school and middle school students. Other additional expenses depend on the degree to which the student is involved in sports, fine arts, and academic activities offered at SCS. Seniors have additional expenses associated with SAT and AP exams as well as graduation expenses.

Southwest Christian School subscribes to the philosophy of need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based scholarships.  Consequently, no awards are made solely on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic ability.  Such a philosophy makes the school accessible to candidates from a broader cross-section of the community, thereby strengthening the pool of applicants and enabling Southwest Christian students to learn and grow in a more varied peer group. 


  • Must be enrolled or accepted for admission to SCS
  • Must exhibit exemplary citizenship and a positive classroom attitude reflected by above average grades in core classes
  • Must actively participate in the life of SCS
  • Parents’ financial statement must show demonstrated financial need
  • Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5


  • Financial Aid is not granted to Early Childhood students
  • Financial aid is granted on a per student basis, not per family
  • Financial aid is granted per year and must be applied for annually with all accounts current
  • All financial aid deadlines must be met
  • Need must be shown

Application Process

  • Financial Aid applications are processed by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY.
  • Current families must apply by November 1, to be considered in first-round financial aid placements.  To receive consideration for aid, the application must be completed in its entirety, including documentation required by FACTS (tax returns, W2s, and any other requested supporting documents).
  • New families applying for admission to SCS may apply for financial aid at the same time they submit their application for admission.
  • If a student is accepted for admission, the enrollment fee of 10% will be required to save the student’s place before financial aid awards are made.  The enrollment fee will be completely refunded if the aid amount is not sufficient for the student to enroll.

Competition for financial aid is significant.  Limited funds may prevent the Financial Aid Committee from offering assistance to all qualified deserving applicants.  Therefore, students to whom financial assistance is awarded are expected to accept or decline the award within two weeks of notification.  In the event the student fails to comply with this requirement, the Financial Aid Committee reserves the right to award the aid to an alternate candidate.

Southwest Christian School values being an independent, interdenominational Christian school that is available to families regardless of their race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.



To apply for Financial Aid, click below.