Fine Arts


The Southwest Christian School Fine Arts Department develops disciplines which stimulate creative and organic expression enabling production, discernment, and the awakening of perception with Christ at our center.

Fine Arts Offerings - Seventh and Eighth

INTERMEDIATE BAND I (two semesters)
Intermediate Band I is designed to educate students in the basic music theory and mechanics of their chosen instrument enabling them to perform at concerts throughout the year and increasing their understanding and appreciation of music. This is a performance based class.

INTERMEDIATE BAND II (two semesters)     
Intermediate Band II will utilize the basic individual performance skills learned from beginning band. Intermediate Band II will introduce sight-reading, competition solos, small ensembles, medium ensembles, and basic applied music theory. This is a performance based class and students will be tested for admittance to the band. 

ART (one semester)
This course will include the study of the elements of art, many types of drawing and painting techniques through multiple media using both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art including clay. The arts serve as the primary signature of a culture, carrying our individual and collective images and ideas from one generation to another. This course will explore the function of visual arts in the community and recognize historical and individual artistic history and style. This course is designed for beginning level students to create an awareness and appreciation for art.

CHOIR (one semester)
Middle school choir is designed to utilize all basic music skills learned from grades K-6 and challenge the students to become advanced ensemble performers. Students will be learning basic music theory skills as well as learning how to properly practice and show improvement in performance.

THEATRE ARTS (one semester)
Middle School Theatre is designed to educate students in all aspects of Theatre Arts. We will explore the impact of all Fine Arts on our culture, our personal lives, and our relationship with God. This class is built upon individual participation, the process of the class as an ensemble and an overall standard of integrity in production and performance.

DANCE (two semesters)
Dance is a survey of dance class that covers several different styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet, Theatrical Dance, and Cultural Dance depending on the year the course is taken. Units on Nutrition and/or Bones and Muscles are covered in alternate years. 



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